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As you might expect with this type of business, the idea for the Sunny Klobber website came from our own personal experience. 

After a diagnosis of stage 2 melanoma on his right hand my partner had to undergo a node biopsy to check the cancer had not spread anywhere else in his body. Fortunately for us the results were clear, and he was essentially free to get on with his life whilst attending regular check ups.

Unfortunately it's not quite so simple. Suddenly everyday tasks and activities you carry out outside, like mowing the lawn, taking the kids to the park etc. mean that you are impacted by the sun. Although we had always been aware of the sun and wore sun cream, suddenly sunny days and summer holidays didn't quite generate the same level of excitement. We knew we had to take the sun more seriously. Protection became a priority, but we didn't want it to compromise our choices.

In our search to be safe outdoors we scoured the internet for sun protective clothing. There are plenty of choices if you're a child looking for a swimsuit, but for adults wanting everyday wear the range of clothing on offer was very limited, not to mention rather unfashionable! And that's when our idea took shape.

Our aim is quite simple - to offer a range of attractive and effective sun protective clothing that can be worn everyday. Whatever your circumstances everybody is entitled to enjoy life outdoors and we want to make sure you have the peace of mind to do so safely. 

We hope you like the collection so far, and if you have any specific requests please email us at customerservice@sunnyklobber.co.uk and we'll do our best to help you out. We're constantly on the look out for new lines, so please come back regularly to check out our latest collection. 

Stay sun safe.

Toni and Dave

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